Operations management at SKS Management

Storage Property Management by SKS Management

SKS Management is a full service management company which handles all aspects of self storage operations. Operations are an important part of any successful self storage operation. Our package includes a detailed operations manual and forms for every situation.

Focused Attention to Each Property

SKS Management assigns no more than 7 properties to one district/regional manager. Other self storage management companies overload their district managers with 12 or more properties. In addition, at least one SKS partner participates in a monthly recap meeting for each property where everything from rent management, operations, marketing and performance against budget are reviewed.

Operations and management services include:

  • Employment and supervision of all onsite employees
  • Sales and operations training
  • Revenue Management: Continual pricing and current tenant rent increase management
  • Full accounting and preparation of financial statements in accordance with GAAP guidelines
  • Monthly reporting with details on many aspects of the operations and financial results
  • Budget creation and tracking
  • Website, print, social media marketing and advertising creation, management and tracking
  • Call center supervision
  • Auditing, auction and delinquency control
  • Maintenance and repair contracting, supervision within scope of budget
  • Risk management
  • Ancillary income management, such as our tenant insurance and free move-in truck programs, and moving supply stores
SKS Management is a full service management company

Customized Management, Superior Results